Seattle, WA based Ethan Freckleton continues the tradition of gritty, honest American folk-rock - melding a heavy influence of blues and country music with the louder and heavier guitar sounds of the grunge era that he grew up with, while embodying the pop ethos of "Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus."

Ethan's EMPTY PALACE hit the stores on May 18th, 2014; this release finds Ethan revisiting The Elementalz and Grammy-award winner Charles Michael Brotman for another round of destination songwriting and recording. Written and recorded over a period of two weeks at Lava Tracks on the Big Island of Hawaii, this collection of songs features dynamic vocal performances from Ethan Freckleton, feel-good grooves and vocals from Brent Magstadt and Sherri Thal of the Elementalz, album-defining harmonica from Lucas Clebsch and tastefully powerful drumming by Michael Surprenant.

Also available now is OLD BLUE - a new music video by Thomas A. Gilbert - featuring the song of the same name from the soon-to-be-released EP. Check it out below!