Seattle, WA based Ethan Freckleton continues the tradition of American rock n' roll, melding a heavy influence of blues and country music with the louder and heavier guitar sounds of the grunge era that he grew up with, while embodying the pop ethos of "Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus."

Following a year of emotional turbulence and introspection, Ethan decided to get away and center himself on the Big Island of Hawaii. While recharging, he pulled together a session with several of his close friends with just one criteria - write and record everything from a place of love. The result of those efforts is a new EP - "Unlimited Love" - recorded at Lava Tracks Studio by Grammy-winning producer Charles Michael Brotman. Featured friends include Brent Magstadt & Sherri Thal of The Elementalz, along with Lucas Clebsch on harp and Michael Surprenant on drums. The recording features six tracks of authentic American music, each a personal tale of living life with an open heart and unyielding hope in the face of adversity.